Welcome to a Bread Lover's Paradise!
This page is a peek into the delicious world of Maui Rustic Crust breads. Here, you'll find a selection of the tempting sourdough creations we've baked in the past. But don't stop drooling just yet – we are constantly dreaming up new recipes, so there are always exciting things on the horizon!
Whether you crave a lighter loaf perfect for sandwiches or a heartier, whole-grain bread bursting with flavor, Maui Rustic Crust has something to satisfy every taste.
Baker's Percentages Explained:
You might notice that the ingredients are listed in "baker's percentages." This simply means that the weight of all the flours in a recipe is considered 100%, and all other ingredients are listed as a percentage of that combined flour weight. This is a standard way for bakers to share recipes and ensures accuracy when scaling them up or down.
Our "Classic" sourdough loaf features a crusty exterior, an open and airy crumb structure, and a tangy flavor, making it a beloved choice for sandwiches, toasting, or enjoying with a spread of butter.
The "Classic" is available as a pan loaf as well. The pan loaf features a softer crust and a delightful chewy interior. It is great starting point for a wonderful sandwich and will make an amazing French toast.
Ingredients: Organic unbleached white flour (90%), organic whole wheat flour (10%), organic rye flour (5%) sourdough culture, salt
Our Signature Rosemary Sourdough (1000g)
A feast for the senses! This beautiful sourdough loaf is a step up from our classic, weighing in at a generous 1000g pre-baked. We've infused it with the fresh, aromatic essence of homegrown rosemary, creating a perfect harmony with the tangy sourdough flavor. A touch of olive oil adds a delightful richness and keeps the crumb beautifully moist.
This loaf is perfect for:
- Sharing with friends and family 
- Dipping in soups and stews
- Enjoying toasted with a drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar
- Creating gourmet sandwiches
Ingredients: Organic unbleached white flour (90%), organic whole wheat flour (10%), sourdough culture, roasted garlic, olive oil, rosemary, salt
Warm Comfort: Cinnamon Raisin Sourdough
Sun-kissed raisins and fragrant cinnamon swirl throughout this sourdough loaf, creating a taste sensation in every bite.This comforting bread features our signature tangy starter with a touch of sweetness, perfect for toasting with butter or enjoying on its own. Elevate your breakfast game with French toast made from these delightful slices.

Ingredients: Organic unbleached all purpose flour (90%), organic raisins (20%), cinnamon (1%), sourdough culture, organic whole wheat flour (10%), organic rye flour (5%), salt (2%)
Forget airy white fluff, this sourdough loaf whispers earthy poetry. Buckwheat's nutty hum and rye's subtle musk intertwine within a sturdy bread flour embrace. Scalded, these dark flours unlock softness and crafting an open crumb, combined with subtle sweetness. Each bite whispers a gentle chew, surprisingly light for its robust soul. Whether slathered with butter, embraced by cheese, or enjoyed bare, this loaf isn't just sustenance, it's a rustic ode to nature, baked with time and patience. Its secret hydration, locked in by steam, promises not only a cloud-like texture but also a journey that stretches past a morning's hunger. Each loaf weighs 900g pre baking. 
Ingredients: bread flour (74%), whole wheat flour (7%), buckwheat (9%), rye (10%), honey (4%), salt (2%)
All flours are organic.
The ancient grain and chia seed loaf is a marriage of flavor and nutrition, woven from the finest ingredients. Freshly ground khorasan and spelt flours bring rich, earthy notes, while whole wheat and bread flours dance together for a perfectly balanced texture. Chia seeds sprinkle their magic, adding a satisfying crunch and boosting every bite with goodness. A light kiss of honey gilds the edges, enhancing the symphony of flavors. Finally, a generous roll in sesame seeds seals the deal, adding a final layer of nutty delight.
This loaves weighs unbaked 1000g and baked on average 900g.

Ingredients: organic bread flour 23%, organic whole wheat flour 37%, organic Kamut 20%, organic spelt 20%, sourdough culture 20%, chia seeds 10%, honey 4%, salt 2%
Delicious sourdough bagels, available in packs of five. The bagels have a wonderful thin crust and a light, chewy interior.
We are offering three varieties: Topped with Everything seasoning, sesame seeds or plain.
Ingredients: organic organic bread flour (100%), sourdough culture (30%), organic sugar (3%), salt (1.5%), yeast (0.2%)
Everything seasoning: black and white sesame seeds, dehydrated garlic, dehydrated onion, poppy seeds

This loaf is a delightful twist on the Classic sourdough. It is infused it with the comforting flavors of oats and just a touch of honey, creating a bread that's incredibly moist, tender, and light. The incorporated oat porridge adds creaminess that complements the tang of the sourdough perfectly. Perfect for toasting, sandwiches or enjoying on its own.
Ancient Grains, Modern Flavor: Our Multigrain Sourdough
This hearty loaf isn't just delicious, it's a powerhouse of nutrition! We start with a base of spelt, whole wheat, and bread flour, creating a deeply satisfying foundation.  For an extra textural punch, we encrust the loaf with a delightful mix of sunflower seeds, black and white sesame seeds.  But the real magic lies within.
Unlocking the Power of Grains:
We take ancient grains like quinoa, kamut, hard red wheat, buckwheat groats, and spelt germ, and coarsely mill them fresh in-house.  These grains are then soaked overnight with water and our tangy sourdough starter. This time-honored technique unlocks hidden nutrients and makes the grains even easier to digest, creating a gut-friendly loaf your body will love.
Experience the Difference:
Each bite of our Multigrain Sourdough is a symphony of flavor and texture.  Sunflower seeds add a delightful toasty crunch, while the ancient grain blend provides a subtle nuttiness and dept
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