Maui's Slice of German Bliss: A Sourdough Story
Aloha from Maui! My name is Anne Wertheim, and I'm the founder of Maui Rustic Crust.
Imagine this: Warm, crusty bread with a delightful tang, perfect for dipping in olive oil or building a satisfying sandwich.That's the kind of bread I grew up with in Germany, and the kind I craved when I found myself on beautiful Maui.
Here's the thing – Maui is a paradise, but finding truly exceptional sourdough proved elusive. So, fueled by a love for all things delicious and a touch of German nostalgia, I decided to bake my own. Maui Rustic Crust was born!
We're a small cottage bakery, taking the art of sourdough to a new level.  We source the finest organic grains, and for some of our loaves, we even mill the flour fresh in-house, just before each bake. This dedication to craft ensures that our loaves boast a unique tangy flavor, a delightfully chewy crumb, and a crust that sings.
But Maui Rustic Crust is more than just taste. Our slow fermentation process unlocks hidden nutrients and enhances digestibility, making our bread a delicious and nourishing treat.
Ready to experience the magic of sourdough for yourself? Head over to Hotplate to see what's on the menu this week! We bake fresh twice a week, and pre-ordering is recommended to ensure you get your hands on a loaf.
Bake Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays
Pick Up Options:
- The Rustic Crust Bread Shed. Located at our home in Haiku, at the bottom of the driveway.
- The Rustic Crust Bread Shed
- Haiku Community Center Pop Up Stand (from 2:30pm - 5:15pm)

The menu goes live every Sunday at 9am.
Pre-ordering closes for:
Tuesday Bread Shed pickup: Tuesday mornings at 10am
Thursday pickups (both locations): Thursday at noon.

Missed the Deadline? No worries! Text me at 808-214-3533 and I'll let you know if we have any extra loaves available.
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